Zurich 1953: 15 Contenders for the World Chess Championship - Miguel Najdorf

A great tournament deserves a great book. That's what grandmaster Miguel Najdorf produced in his account of one of the greatest and most important chess events of all time, the 1953 Zurich Candidates Tournament, in which 15 of the world's top players battled for the right to challenge the world champion, Mikhail Botvinnik. After two months and 210 games, many of which rank among the best ever played, Russian grandmaster Vassily Smyslov finally came out at the head of a star-studded field that included Sam Reshevsky, Paul Keres, David Bronstein, Tigran Petrosian, Efim Geller, Alexander Kotov, Mark Taimanov, Yuri Averbakh, Isaac Boleslavsky, Laszlo Szabo, Svetozar Gligoric, Max Euwe, Gideon Stahlberg, and Najdorf himself.

This is the first English edition of this classic work, until now available only in its original Spanish. It includes all 210 games with Najdorf's full extensive notes, plus all the original introductory material, biographical sketches of the players, round-by-round accounts of the action, closing summary, and a survey of the tournament's impact on opening theory. Additionally this edition has many more diagrams and photos, an introduction by Yuri Averbakh (one of the last surviving participants) and a foreword by Andy Soltis.

Najdorf produced much more than a collection of games. This is a rich, vivid, firsthand account of an historic event by a direct participant, written in a style at once colorful, eloquent and erudite. Najdorf was not only one of the greatest players of all time, but a fine writer who knew how to combine education and entertainment. All chessplayers, whether serious or casual, will find themselves both interested and instructed, and history buffs will learn much here that cannot be found anywhere else.

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Contents: 5 Introduction; 7 Foreword; 10 Translator’s Preface; 11 From the Publisher; 12 Author’s Foreword; 14 Preface; 18 The Players; 042 Cross tables; 044 Round 1; 055 Round 2; 063 Round 3; 073 Round 4; 083 Round 5; 095 Round 6; 107 Round 7; 116 Round 8; 124 Round 9; 137 Round 10; 148 Round 11; 161 Round 12; 171 Round 13; 182 Round 14; 191 Round 15; 204 Round 16; 219 Round 17; 231 Round 18; 243 Round 19; 255 Round 20; 267 Round 21; 277 Round 22; 292 Round 23; 303 Round 24; 313 Round 25; 324 Round 26; 334 Round 27; 344 Round 28; 353 Round 29; 361 Round 30; 369 The Tournament in Review; 374 Theoretical Survey; 388 Opening Index by Name; 389 Opening Index by ECO Code; 391 Player Index.
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